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General Terms and agency Conditions – FACTS 4 EMOTION GmbH & Co. KG

1. General Terms
1.1 For all transactions between a client and the FACTS 4 EMOTION GmbH & Co. KG (henceforth called agency) solely the “General Terms and Conditions” stated herein apply. They apply to all offers, deliveries and services of the agency. Conflicting terms and conditions of the Client shall only be operative if they have been explicitly acknowledged in written form by the agency.
1.2 Any other agreements diverging from or supplementing these “General Terms and Conditions” shall require the written form.
1.3 Should individual clauses of these “General Terms and Conditions” be or become ineffective the remaining clauses and the agreements entered into on the basis thereof shall not be affected hereby. The ineffective clause shall be replaced by one, which is operative and most closely reflects the original sense and purpose of the respective ineffective clause.

2. Conclusion of Contract
Business relations shall be based on an individual proposal in which all agreed performances (scope of service) and fees are specified. The proposals of the Agency are subject to Change.

3. Scope of Service
3.1 The scope of service of the contract shall arise from a written order confirmation. Supplementary or diverging clauses, which change the scope of service of the contract, shall require the written form.
3.2 The Agency shall notify the Client without delay of any changes or deviations of individual services of the agreed contents of the contract, which are deemed necessary after conclusion of the contract. As far as the agreed contents of the contract are not or are only marginally affected by these changes the Client shall have no right of cancellation – by reason of these deviations. Upon agreement with the Client the Agency is entitled to change parts of the event program notwithstanding the description of Services.
3.3 In as far as the Agency concludes contracts with third parties for the purpose of executing an event the conclusion of a contract shall be made in the name of and with authorization of the Client. This regards, in particular, the renting of locations, conclusion of contracts in the field of catering business as well as the conclusion of contracts with artists and other similar parties. The Agency is hereby authorized by the Client to act according to this clause.
3.4 In the case of tourism services, the agency expressly advises all bookers, participants and travelers that the contracts with providers for tourism services are not concluded with FACTS4EMOTION, but always with the respective provider, taking into account and taking into account their terms and conditions.
3.5 The agency acts exclusively as an agent for the tourism services of the respective provider. The contracts for tourism services are concluded exclusively in the name and for the account of the respective provider. In relation to FACTS 4 EMOTION GmbH & Co. KG, your booking represents the offer to conclude an agency agreement, the object of which is the mediation of tourism services. The agency reserves the right to accept the offer.
3.6 Conclusion of the contract for tourism services. If the agency or the provider confirms the booking to you in writing, by telephone, by e-mail or in any other way, the brokered contract is concluded between you and the provider of the tourism service.
3.7 The brokered contract for tourism services may be based on the provider's own general terms and conditions. This can regulate terms of payment, provisions on due dates, liability, cancellation, rebooking, etc. as well as other restrictions and obligations. The respective terms and conditions of the provider - if available - are made available to you on the website for inspection and acceptance.
3.8 The contract text and your order data are saved by the agency to process the contractual relationship and are passed on to the selected providers / contracting partners (e.g. tour operator, airline, credit card company, bank) as part of the contract processing.
3.9 The offers of tourism services presented on https://www.FACTS4EMOTION.de do not represent a binding contract offer by the respective provider. It is an invitation to you to submit an offer to conclude a contract. An offer made by you to conclude a contract for tourism services with the respective provider (booking) is binding on you.
3.10 The brokerage is deemed to have taken place as soon as the travel documents have been sent to the customer. You are obliged to check the booking confirmation / invoice / travel documents received to you immediately for correctness and to notify the agency of any inaccuracies or discrepancies as soon as you know.
We inform you that we will not save the text of the contract. With our booking confirmation you will receive an overview of the travel service you have chosen and its costs by email.
In principle, the person making the booking or the debtor specified by him is obliged to pay for the total travel fee billed including the processing and service fees (travel price). The booker is liable for the full travel price if the travel price is not paid by the person obliged to pay.
3.11 You are obliged to check the confirmation of receipt and / or booking confirmation / invoice you have received for correctness and to notify the provider or the agency immediately of any inaccuracies or deviations. This also applies to poor performance with regard to the agency's brokerage performance. Such poor performance must be reported to the agency immediately and the opportunity to remedy the situation must be given. If a notification of defects is culpably omitted, warranty claims from the brokerage contract lapse with immediate effect.
3.12 Upon conclusion of the contract, a deposit can be requested from the respective provider, which will be offset against the price of the tourist service. In the case of short-term bookings, pure flight and / or insurance services, the entire price of the tourist service can be due for payment immediately. As far as it concerns trips within the meaning of § 651 a to m BGB (package tour), payment is to be made at the earliest after transmission of a security certificate and may only then be requested. The details of the due dates of the down payment and the final payment as well as the payment modalities result from the booking confirmation / invoice or the terms and conditions of the respective provider.
3.13 The agency particularly points out the possibility and usefulness of travel cancellation insurance as well as insurance to cover repatriation costs and medical expenses.
3.14 The agency is not liable for the success of the brokerage and / or the actual / fault-free provision of the tourist service, but only for the fact that the brokerage is carried out with the care of a prudent businessman.
3.15 In addition, the agency is not liable for claims for damages that do not result from injury to life, limb or health and insofar as the damage was not caused intentionally or through gross negligence by the agency, unless it concerns the Liability due to assumed guarantees or liability for the violation of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations). In the event of a negligent breach of cardinal obligations, the agency's liability is limited to contract-typical and foreseeable damage and in any case to the value of the mediated tourism service. Moreover, liability is excluded.
3.16 The agency is not liable for the loss, destruction and / or damage to travel documents for which it is not responsible in connection with the dispatch.
3.17 It is fundamentally up to you to apply for the identity cards, passports, visas, import papers and other necessary travel documents required by you and your fellow travelers for the implementation / provision of the booked tourist service, to check them for correctness and to carry them with you.

4. Budgets and Remuneration Fee
4.1 Independent of the agreed remuneration fee the Client shall provide the Agency with a budget according to a written cost estimate. The budget may be exceeded only if the Client has explicitly acknowledged this in written form.
4.2 Unless otherwise agreed the Agency shall be entitled to claim a remuneration fee for each individual service as soon as it has been rendered.
4.3 The Agency shall be entitled to demand an advance to cover expenses. The Agency shall be obliged to spend this money for the execution of the events on the principles of a scrupulous merchant and with regards to the Client’s interest. The Client shall provide the funds required for the execution of the events at an agreed point in time. Cost estimates rendered by the Agency are without Obligation.

5. Presentation
In the event that the Agency is not awarded a contract after taking part in a presentation, the Agency shall retain all proprietary rights for services rendered, in particular, for the contents of services rendered. The Client shall not be authorized to use such – in any form – for further purposes. All materials shall be returned to the Agency on demand without delay.

6. Property Rights and Copyright
6.1 All services rendered by the Agency (e.g. ideas, concepts for events etc.) and individual pieces of work originating thereof shall remain property of the Agency. On payment of the remuneration fee the Client shall only acquire the right of use for the agreed purpose. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client shall use the services of the Agency exclusively for himself, within the Federal Republic of Germany and for the duration of the contract.
6.2 Changes of the services of the Agency on behalf of the Client shall only be valid if they have been explicitly acknowledged by the Agency and – as far as services are protected by copyright – by the originator.
6.3 Approval of the Agency is required for any use of services of the Agency exceeding the agreed purpose and scope of use regardless of these services being protected by copyright or not. For this purpose the Agency and the originator are entitled to a separate and adequate remuneration.

7. Cancellation
7.1 The Client shall be entitled to cancel the contractual relationship with the Agency at any time. By untimely cancellation of the contract the Client shall be obliged to the payment of the agreed remuneration fee or services rendered.
7.2 The contractual parties explicitly agree that reduction of the remuneration fee due to saved expenses on the part of the Agency shall be excluded.
7.3 Reasons for extraordinary termination of the contract shall remain unaffected hereof for both contracting parties. The Agency is especially entitled to this right in the event that the agreed remuneration fee has not been paid in due time.
7.4 Furthermore, in the event that the budget has not been provided within the scope of the contractual agreement despite repeated demands on the part of the Agency.

8. Liability
8.1 The Agency commits to diligent preparation and careful selection and supervision of service providers according to a scrupulous merchant’s due Diligence.
8.2 The Agency’s liability shall be exclusively limited to the written agreements of both parties. All claims that are not explicitly granted herein – including claims for damages on whatever legal ground – shall be excluded unless they are based upon an intentionally or grossly negligent breach of contract on the part of the Agency, a legal representative thereof or vicarious agents.
8.3 Furthermore, the contractual parties agree that claims for compensation against the Agency, on whatever legal ground, shall be restricted to the amount of the agreed remuneration fee.
8.4 In as far as the Agency is entitled to claims for compensations against third parties arising from the performance of the contract, the Agency may assign such claims to the Client provided that he will accept the assignment of such future claims. In this case the Client shall not be entitled to raise any more claims against the Agency. The Client shall be entitled to assert such claims at his own expense.
8.5 The Client is obliged to effect an event liability insurance for the Event.
8.6 The agency is not liable for the consequences of force majeure. A case of force majeure exists in particular - but not exclusively - in the case of orders from authorities, wars, civil unrest, aircraft hijackings, terrorist attacks, fires, storms, floods, power outages, accidents, strikes, lockouts and other industrial action, insofar as these are not lawful the agency and / or the providers as well as their service providers are affected and / or influenced by these circumstances.

9. Payment
9.1 Invoices of the Agency are due for payment without deduction 7 days at the latest after receipt of the invoice. When payment is delayed a penal interest shall be charged according to the legal interest rate, which is 8 percent in excess of the basic rate of the European Central Bank.
9.2 The Client shall be entitled to offset or retention only with unchallenged claims or claims incorporated in an enforceable title.

10. Guarantee and Claims
10.1 The client shall lodge any complaints in written form within 6 business days following the provision of the service of the Agency and shall substantiate the complaint. In the event of a justified complaint that has been lodged in time the Client shall be entitled to compensation according to paragraph 8.
10.2 Claims for damages of the Client, in particular such that arise from impossibility of service, positive breach of contract, default at conclusion of the contract, defective or incomplete performance or illicit action shall be excluded unless they are based upon intention or gross negligence on the part of the Agency.

11. Applicable Law
The legal relations between the contractual parties including issues of validity of the contract as well as its prior effectiveness and consequences shall be solely subject to German Law only. In the event that contracts with clients outside the Federal Republic of Germany are translated into another language in the case of dispute the valid version is the original German one.

12. Place of Jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly between the Agency and the Client is Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany, unless this is legally illicit. The Agency shall also be entitled to appeal to the place of jurisdiction at the registered office of the Client.

13. Supplementary Agreements / Written Form
13.1 The contractual parties agree to maintain strict confidentiality towards third parties on all matters disclosed to them resulting form the business transactions during the period of the contract and after its Termination.
13.2 The execution of business shall require the written form. This also applies to changes of and amendments to the contractual relationship as well the revocation of the written form requirement.
13.3 The Client shall only be entitled to assign claims arising from the contract to third parties if the Agency has consented to the assignment in written form. The Client shall be made aware that data will be stored within the scope of the performance of the contract. The Client consents to the storage and processing of data as far as this is deemed necessary for the performance of the contract.
13.4 In the case of dispute the valid version of the “General Terms and Conditions” stated herein is the German one.”

Bonn, June 01st, 2020

Hausdorffstr. 339
D-53129 Bonn
+49 228 286 343 74 phone
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